Peace Column

Peace Column and Museum and CT Vivian Li

The Peace Column sits in the center of the park's western edge. Atop the column is a statue of Chief Tomochichi, who could have massacred the British settlers on the coast of Georgia, but chose peace instead. Tomochichi's actions began a 300-year tradition of peace in Georgia and he is considered our state's co-founder along with General James Oglethorpe. On top of the column, Tomochichi faces east towards our capital and the rising sun. Entering the Peace Column Museum, you can experience high-tech exhibitions in several galleries of the pursuit of peace in Georgia. A strong focus is on the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century, which this neighborhood gave the world. The 8,000 volume C.T. Vivian Library will be housed here and will compliment the 3,000 volume M.L. King Family Library donated by Evangelist Alveda King. An elevator takes you to the top of the 120 foot tall column, where the nearby Sunset Avenue Historic District is clearly visible. The homes of Martin Luther King, Jr., Maynard Jackson, and Julian Bond are indicated by bronze plaques. Reverend Abernathy’s church is also identified. A panorama of the city makes the top of the Peace Column one of the most beautiful and historic views in the nation.

Nobel Peace Pantheon

The Peace Pantheon will be constructed on the park’s highest point and include monuments to Georgia’s Nobel Peace Laureates including President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Theodore Roosevelt, and President Woodrow Wilson all of whom had strong Georgia links. If Georgia were a nation, she would be 5th for Nobel Peace Prize awardees.

Shin Dae Yong Global Peace Institute 201

The two-story base of the Peace Pantheon will have multiple offices, open work space, and a restaurant for peace-focused groups from Atlanta and around the world. The Nobel Peace Laureates Secretariat has been exploring a move of their world headquarters from Rome to Atlanta and have been offered space in this building for $1. They are considering to meet in Atlanta regularly for their annual World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, which currently is held in a different city every year. Nobel Peace District Atlanta #1 and the Nobel University are two additional ideas they are exploring.

Peace Pantheon Rendering.jpg
Peace Pantheon - Ground Level
Peace Pantheon - Upper Level