Rodney Cook Sr. Park is a proposed 16-acre neighborhood park in Atlanta’s historic Vine City neighborhood now underway. The project represents a collaboration between the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation, the City of Atlanta Department of Watershed Management, The National Monuments Foundation, The Trust for Public Land (TPL), City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office and the community.

The Peace Park represents a personal commitment Rodney Cook, Jr. made to his father in his father’s last days, to rebuild a 19th century Olmsted-designed Mims-Cook family park. Reclaiming land that was rendered unusable after a flood almost 2 decades ago, this new green space will provide urban farming programs, sports and youth activities, and a 10,000 volume library of the CT Vivian and Martin Luther King, Jr. families. Two museums narrating 300 years of Georgia peaceful tradition and THE ATLANTA WAY will showcase a legacy to the world for which Rodney Cook, Sr. had dedicated his personal and professional life. Ultimately, the park offers a platform for development of a universal city and a peace university, currently being programmed by INSEAD (the world’s #1 business school) offering a Master’s and PhD in Peace Administration, the first of its kind. Around this initiative will be the development of innovative projects and education initiatives including:


•Annual world peace congresses                              •Building a framework for an educational center

•International small group discussions                     •Peace building in-residence mentorship programs

•Think-tank discussions                                            •Energizing programs around peace

•Database of resources and access to information​

Statement of Purpose 

Rodney Cook, Sr. Park's purpose is to preserve the legacy of peace in the 19th century park originally designed by the Olmsted Brothers, whose plan is the basis for the lead park construction implementation team, the Trust for Public Land, Mims Park contained Atlanta's first integrated playground for children to enjoy regardless of race, in an attempt to forge bonds for the city's future.

We are proud to be part of Westside Future Fund and applaud their efforts.
Dhiru Thadani architects Land-Use Action Plan for Westside Future Fund

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